What makes Jennifer Gravley stand out as a freelance writer is her organization, her flexibility, and her commitment to the assignment. She always does her research and seeks out a variety of sources, communicates her progress with editors, and will do what it takes to ensure the final story fits your publication’s style and tone. Plus, the copy she submits are clean and on deadline!
— Sarah Redohl, former editor of Columbia Business Times

Jennifer is an amazing editor with a knack for wading through the fluff and condensing a piece down to its most important core.
— J.D. Corrigan

Jennifer was my savior when writing my dissertation! Her editorial skills were thorough, catching even simple errors I consistently overlooked. She provided helpful feedback in a timely manner. She was easy to work with, always having a cheerful, encouraging demeanor when writing became a struggle. I would hire her again in an instant! I highly recommend Jennifer for editorial work.
— Tami Ensor, PhD

I think writing's main job is to make people feel. No matter the context, if the reader isn't feeling anything, the writing isn't successful. Voice is one of my strongest talents, and I have honed my skills in manuscript editing through years of participation in critique groups.

In addition to being a creative writer, I am a trained librarian and have worked in marketing at a scholarly press. What does this mean for you? I know how to evoke feeling and organize information--and I am not afraid of research. I have taught college-level courses in creative writing, information literary, composition, literature, and liberal studies. I have worked in marketing at a university press, where I wrote jacket copy, proofread catalogs, and handled our social media accounts. As a freelancer, I have written everything from magazine articles to business blog posts to educational content for use in alternative settings.

I am currently available for business communications work as well as creative manuscript consultations. I can help you create engaging content or find your own voice.